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Hey everyone,

I recently had a special problem - for our lecture, I wanted to record a video with the GH definition in the foreground and the Rhino viewport in the background. However, making the canvas transparent proved to be quite difficult, especially because of the grid in the background.

As it has been discussed on the forum a couple times, the Grasshopper color settings are stored in the grasshopper_gui.xml file, so you can just open the file in Notepad and edit it.

For keying, I generally use an ugly pink (with grid disabled) and for working with GH I prefer a grey background with a slightly visible grid - anyway, I didn't want to restart GH whenever I changed from one "mode" to the other, so I just wrote a small C# script to deal with that.

Just a quick advice: In GH, go to "File/Special Folders/Settings Folder" and backup your grasshopper_gui.xml file as the changes are saved to it. If you delete it, GH will automatically create a new one with default settings the next time you start it.

Perhaps some of you have a use for it as well...!

Regards, Johannes

P.S.: The ghx file contains the code as a scripting component while the gha file is a custom component which you would have to copy into the Components directory. They do exactly the same thing!

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I am in a full grasshoppers invasion far away from SE-Asia  :) but i thank you for answering.

Just for future readers release 0.9.0005


Delete \Rhinoceros 4.0\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\Grasshopper.xml

Restart, Johannes says it will work :P

Nice thanks!

Thanks for sharing,

For transparent GUI please look this gh file.

Written by David Rutten in person.


Hello! This is a great component and it help me set a tutorial, so, thanks a lot. But after a while, it started a weird bug. I cannot zoom in the canvas anymore because all the icons just disappear. I believe another user has described the same error. Do you know what may be causing it?

Thanks a lot.



Though i am an amateur user, I am sure most of us have always been confounded by the fact that there are two windows to juggle with rhino and gh.

I was just thinking if it were possible to develop a transparent background or a gradient for the GH window. That way we can click and manipulate the GH window while we are working on it and click and zoom-in / zoom-out, pan on the Rhino window without having to minimize the window. (try seeing the attached images below to understand)

Another idea was that just like rhino-viewport windows we should be able to have a "single-click-maximisation - minimisation" option for the sizing up the GH window. 

I look forward to understanding why this is not-possible :D





Thanks for sharing, i'm doing a portfolio and i want to use this compenant to hide the grid and change the color of background to white, but apparently cause my version is 0.9.0076, Grasshopper told me that it doesn't work, does anybody know how to deal with it ? 

Try this :)


thanks alot,that helped so much






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