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Would there be a way to change the instances of custom components all at once?

I am making a custom component with variable parameter inputs that collects data from the GH-solution to add to a *.csv file. For every collected item there is an instance of this collecting custom component. Data should go to the right columns of the *.csv file of course... I have a separate custom component for that. But if the data format of the *.csv file changes after some time, it would be much work to change all the collecting custom components by hand... So it would be best, I think, that if one instance of this collecting custom component changes, they all change. Any advice?

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By custom component, do you mean a script? custom components from loaded assemblies (gha files) do update everywhere when you load a new GHA. If it's a script you're talking about, try putting the script into a cluster - clusters are dynamic instances of a single model and if you double-click one to edit it, make a change, and save it, it will affect all instances of that cluster. 

Is that the answer you were looking for?

Is this a new feature? I vaguely recall trying/wanting to cluster some script components and that it didn't update the other instances of the particular cluster.





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