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CHALLENGE: Modeling Walter Jack's Crushed Wall with Grasshopper

I'm really fascinated by the geometry of Walter Jack's Crushed Wall and I'm trying to achieve similar deformation of surface or mesh using Rhino, but I barely know where to start. Any ideas? Maybe Kangaroo is the way?

Link for reference:

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The wrinkling effect is definitely something that's possible with Kangaroo.

Wrinkling! Now that's the keyword I'm looking for

There's also some "crumpling" going on, if I recall correctly ;)


Wow, that looks amazing and works beautifully! 

I'm trying to understand why some mesh primitive substitutions work with the script while others don't ?
for example:  Mesh Box works, while Mesh Sphere does not work!

This definition should work well for any very open and not flat mesh. In closed meshes the anchors will have no effect and it is possible that the mesh is out of control, but the definition can be adjusted knowing how to work with kangaroo. On the other hand, make sure that the mesh is clean, has no duplicate vertices, unused vertices, is welded well etc. In the case of the sphere, use weld vertices of meshEdit to join the vertices of the poles. For others problems, combine&clean of kangaroo could be enought.






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