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Challenge for Simple and hard matter, G2 nurbs curve Variable match

Hello , please check picture first ,

    It is simple , we always use Rhino curve G2 match , it is fast because G1 points are same distance to G0 

    Now I hope G1 points to G0 distance are different (Variable match ) , then how to count G2 points position ?

    I tried a lot and I asked some rhino expert too but it seems extreme hard . ( at least for me ) 

    I have wrote a GH definition for G1 same distance work , now if some one interested to challenge variable match , please just draw two 5 degree nurbs curve to test . :-)

    I have no idea because I am poor in calculus math , but I hope to some one help .

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Hello , Tom ,

    To the point where second derivate of curve A at p0 equals second derivate of B at q0.

    I understand it need math of "derivate" , Just I don't know how to write it as code or GHuser .. So at present , I use galapagos to get similar position of G2-B


    You can find my email address ? when I get test , I will send my GH file (Curve Match) for your reference too . Thanks

Hello , Tom ,

    Oh , you are ahead of me far away . :-)  

    No problem I just need small requirement , for example G1 G2 only . 

    Your Match curve is attractive , just I can not spend some weeks like you . I am quite busy on biz too . 

    AST.dll seems interesting , just same  no time to touch too . 

    About ' the derivate of a nurbscurve ' , is it the same to use command "curvature" and mark the circle ? 



Hello Tom , 

    Wow , it seems that you play a lot software ,  for me , Rhino + Grasshopper is enough . I like G2 smooth only , G3 is not necessary to me me . 

    I studied advanced math in university too , just forgot after some years biz ...Now I find out I love grasshopper much . 

    I like to wait your unofficial astools :)    you may send to winsionliang AT ,

    For mutual benifit , I will send my two definition of GH Curve match ghuser to you .  Thanks  Winsion



Hi , Tom ,  

    Here is my simple GH mach curve definition .  the EX version has small issue but almost enough . :-p



Hello ,Tom 

    My version is beta and beta too , haha~ 

    Plane seems necessary to me because it can rotate the curve for all situation . 

    Pls notice G2 offset input is bool . (see pic)

    For "use crossproduct of tan and cur vector and rotate for 0.5 pi" , it might be default value .

    I will find time to see vector rotation as well as your module .  Thanks








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