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I actually need to find the normal (at the centroid area) of a surface within a polysurface. I found everything I need by using "Brep Area", "Surface CP" and "Evaluate Surface", but this work only if I pick a single surface (not a surface within a polysurface). You can check at the attached file for an example.

Is there another type of param I should use?


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Try this.

Regards Peter




So do I have to conclude that the "Surface" params cannot work by setting a sub surface within a polysurface? Actually, what seems strange to me is that the surface params allows the user to "set one or multiple surface" even thought these surfaces are within a polysurface, but at the end nothing works. 


I ask because I would like to only know the centroid normal of ONLY one specific surface within a polysurface.

Surface params actually doesn't allow the referencing of a sub-surface.   You should notice that the component remains orange after the attempt to instantiate the sub-surface and the warning reads 'surface failed to load'.  GH of course doesn't tell you ahead of time as you're hovering over a polysurface that your effort is about to fail. 


Thanks Chris,

Maybe I could suggess my request as "Wish". I think it should be "possible" in a future update to be able to work with sub-surface of a polysurface more efficiently.

Probably only David knows about that, but why not ask?







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