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I know that in the last version of GH, the "Center" component was replaced with the "Deconstruct Arc" component. However, I'm now trying to find the center of 9 stacked discs, in order to use that centerpoint as a base to try some irregular scaling of the objects using the graph mapper. What would be the best component to use for this? I've been trying and haven't been able to figure that one out. (Image attached)

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I think you can either use AREA component to get the geometry center of your curves/circle/surface, or get geometry polygon and then use POLYGON CENTER component.

Hope that helps. GL!

Area component will not get the centerpoint of arcs.

Polygon Center will not work with open arcs

If you have arc curves and you want to find the centre point, just plug the arc directly into a point parameter. The automatic conversion does exactly this. If you want to find the centre of mass of the arc (assuming it is an infinitesimally thin wire rather than an infinitely thin curve) then a more involved algorithm will be required.






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