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Cannot resolve naked edges to prepare for 3d printing. Newbie


I'm new to both Rhino and Grasshopper. I made a model following an online tutorial and would like to have it 3d printed. Instead of a watertight solid model, I seem to have a series of cuboid structures lined up, that are separate from each other, as when I analyze the structure, they are all naked edges. I have tried every command I can think of to join these edges together, but nothing is working.

I was wondering if anyone could guide me through how to join these edges so the model is suitable for 3D printing.

Thank you

I enclose the files.


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Done! you just had to bake the geom and then union the whole thing with a base srf..

No naked edges anymore



Thank you so much for your help Filippos!!

If it's not too much trouble, could you explain to me  what you mean by 'union the whole thing with a base srf', and tell me the actions you took to achieve that, so I am able to replicate it in further models. 

I have just started using this program and I am still completely lost when trying to use it.

Thanks again.

Hi Chichiro,

after baking the geometry into rhino use the command boolean union.

then you will see that your model has no underside, so i just added a surface to close it basically making it watertight..

thats it!

hope this is clear






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