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Can someone record the upcoming ICD Course C# scripting and GH Comp.development?

Hi all,

in the next week there will be a course about C# and GH component development.

Unfortunately there is no information about if its will be recorded or not.I saw same question under the fb post with actual 4 likes but without answer, so i imagine there exist some interest.

The course begins in my timezone at 02:00 am and lasts about 8 hours.

Cause i also need to work in the day there is no possibilty for me to attend.Maybe the first day but than it will become hard.

So my question is if anybody who plans to attend could screencast it.


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I am interested too. Please let me know if you have any update about it

its on their fb page to stream/download

Great! Thanks mate

I would like to listen to this course too!

I also have heard that this course was great. If it was recorded can you, please share the file or link? I just have started to learn scripting, so it is better to find good materials, but not pay for research paper, isn`t it? But, while I was looking for help I found a lot of services on which students are recommending and giving good reviews. If you know some good resources about script learning, let me know, thanks!

H, just have a look at youtube(and especially the chanel from long ngyun), there is also a similiar workshop recorded one year later.

If you want ressources I would recommend you search the new McNeel forum, there is lots of stuff:






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