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I have a little c# problem. If I write a simple code or print a text, in the "out" always comes this i have installed windows 8, rhino and grasshopper and still I have the same problem!
Does anyone know the solution??

Thanks a lot!!!

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Sounds like a RhinoCommon mismatch. Odd, there should only be a single RhinoCommon.dll on your machine. Can you search your hard drive for any others?


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

I've thought also and I have already deleted the "RhinoCommon.dll" from grasshopper folder. So I have only 1 "RhinoCommon.dll" on my maschine (folder: rhino5 64bit)!
Maybe there is another problem??

Then I'm out of ideas. No idea why the compiler is expecting another version. The thing works though right? It's just a warning?

I think I'll brazenly ignore it for the time being. If it still happens with the next version we can start digging again.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Thanks david...yes C# works fine, i have only the´s a little bit annoying!


Since today 3:30pm i'm facing this problem too. After i downloaded and opened a gh definition with a c# script component. The coincided assembly reference issue seems to happen only in the c# script component. Checked for the RhinoCommon.dll and like Simon said there are just the two (1 for GH and 1 for Rhino).
strange thing get rid of this warning you can do:

1) Cut and Paste the C# component

2) write some line that points to Rhino namespace confirm the script editor, open again and delete the line. (e.g: int version = Rhino.RhinoApp.SdkVersion; )

The warning is gone until grasshopper has been unloaded, next time you open GH same problem... Strange thing is...i tried only the line A = x; and after one component got rid of the warning you can write the same code line to a new empty c# script component and the warning will not show up.

This is all i've found out about this...but didn't find a way to get rid of this annoying warning.

Hope this helps you to find out where the problem is.

Cheers FF

" can write the same code line to a new empty c# script component and the warning will not show up."

This is probably explained by the fact that I'm caching all source-code/compiled-assemblies in a dictionary. Basically it only ever compiles a specific piece of code once. I've done this to prevent long compilation times if a certain script component occurs many times within a file.

The warning is recorded during compilation so any subsequent component with the same code would not yield the same warning.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia






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