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Hi guys, 

I have a very simple question for you.

I'm approaching to C# scripting, and usually, when I'm writing code, it's helpful for me to see some suggestion after pushing some keys, like in the image below (coming from a tutorial that I'm following):

unfortunately, my script editor behaviour does not match with the one of the tutorial, and when i press the dot "." , nothing appears:

I'm writing to you to know the matter of this strange behaviour, maybe a newer version of GH or something else which I can fix in any way?

Thanks a lot

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Carlo, I don't know if this is especially helpful, but my grasshopper C3 editor works the same way...

It does however give hints if you type "Rhino." or "System." so maybe it just doesn't recognize your variable "numbers." as being hint-worthy..?

Could be, thank you  for your try Matthew. 

Maybe it's just because of different GH version...the tutorial I'm following is 3 years old...

There are a lot of bugs in the code editor we use (QWhale), and they don't seem to get fixed. I suspect the recent boom in open-source editors and parsers has taken the wind out of their sails. We're hoping to get something much better for GH2. In the meantime, I'm afraid life will suck.

Brace yourself...Atom is coming to GH2. David, any tips on getting .net libraries like System, Linq etc. to autocomplete in Atom/Sublime or even pyCharm? Sorry for hijacking the thread a little. :-) 

I don't mean getting them to autocomplete for C# projects but for IronPython projects. I am guessing for your Python editor in GH2 you will be creating stubs for RhinoCommon.dll...I guess that's what I am asking about. How can i create these for other DLLs that I normally work with, so that I can get some decent autocomplete in Atom for example. 







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