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Buzz v 0.3 - Acoustic and Audio Tools - Read .wav file component

Here is an update to the acoustic and audio tools package I have been slowly working on. It now includes a receiver for calculating room impulse responses, and a component to read .wav files.  More updates and documentation to come. Be careful when loading .wav files, a few seconds of audio can quickly bog things down, especially when using quick graph. Please let me know how things work and what should be added. I'll be working on FFT and convolution components soon.

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Is it related to this Buzz ?

No. Sound output is pretty far down the road.

really interesting  - is there any download of the buzz tools ? would like to try it

I would be happy to share it. I took down the download link because I found some bugs in the receiver component. Many features are available in v2, which you can find on these boards. If there is a feature that isn't there(like read wav), just let me know and I'll send it to you.

thanks a million ! 

I would appreciate a link for downloading
Buzz v.0.1 - Acoustic components for Grasshopper

thank you
if there are questions I can appeal to you?


I am experiencing difficulty when loading grasshopper in the template file. I get the attached error that i have two 'ray tracer' components loaded, which I don't believe to be true. 

Any advice would be appreciated. 

thank you



Try this assembly:

Please do not rely on the receiver component, as it produces erroneous results. All the other components should be working.


I would appreciate a link for downloading 
Buzz v.0.3 - Acoustic components for Grasshopper, because i'm experiencing difficulities with the one that i found here. Can be i can't open it with Rhino because of the bhg extention of Buzz, while Rhino requires a bh one? 

thanks a lot 






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