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Building a Grasshopper Component in IronPython with Sharpdevelop

I am trying to build a grasshopper component using Python instead of C# or VB.

I have done these steps
1- defined a class pointing .Net Framework 4.0

2- added references

3- set local copy property to False (GH_IO, grasshopper, rhinocommon, ironpython, ironpython.modules) by the way I have replaced the original Sharpdevelop Ironpython and Ironpython.modules referencese with the one inside Rhinoceros 5.0 directory

4- and this is my code

and this doesn't work.

Anyone has any idea?

The plugin has been compiled but grasshopper doesn't load my component

My System is Win7 64 bit. Rhino5 64 bit and Rhino4 is installed. Grasshopper is installed in Rhino4 Plugin directory

By the way, I have opened the same discussion on

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