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Build lines between two points in a certain order

Hello colleagues!!!

please tell me how to build a line between the points here in the order !?

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Are the offsets between the polygons constant? Because if they are you can use Delaunay to get the edges.

Yes, the displacement distance between the points to get the line between the points.
If the offset is not constant algorithm complicated !?

If the offset is not constant then Delaunay cannot be relied upon.


The lines do connect the division points in a logical fashion, but it's pretty involved:

The connection order for the first ring is:

0 → -1 (where -1 equals 9)
0 → 0
0 → 1
1 → 1
1 → 2
1 → 3
2 → 3
2 → 4
2 → 5
3 → 5
3 → 6
3 → 7
4 → 7
4 → 8
4 → 9

As you can see from the above list the connection sequence comes in waves of three, where each group of similar indices on the left is associated with a group of three incrementing indices on the right.

Some combination of Series components will probably generate this list, but it'll only work for the first ring, the second one will need a different connection pattern. It is perhaps better to just encode the integer pairs by hand. But then you cannot change your mind about the number of sides later.

David, thank you very much for your help, that is, connect the following points do not happen !?






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