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Hi guys,

I'm having some trouble patterning a brick wall with an attractor point. I tried doing this after watching a video on Design Reform on patterning with attractor points, by using the radius of the circles with the distance between the point(s).

Currently all the bricks are rotated at the same angle, how do I get it to differ according to distance from the point?

This is something I'd like to achieve:

Thanks. Very much appreciated! 

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Please see attached file




Hi Mario,

Thanks so much!

However, I can't open the GH file - is it because it requires a more recent version of GH? I noticed your file is a GH Binary Doc instead of the usual XML docs...could that be the problem?

Sorry for the hassle. 

yes, i´m working on 08.063 version

anyways here´s an image if you cannot update for any reason



thank u! =))

sorry I've got another question ... (don't need to reply if u're busy - you've helped me before!).

Instead of a brick I'm trying to create a pattern using a geometry I modeled in Rhino, and then turned it into a bounding box object in GH but the result's a mess! Any idea what went wrong?




Thank you for the reply.

I'd like the XY direction to be set for the attractor points, like the image I've posted up below. The patterning below is a random one though. 

do you have an image of what you wanto to achive?

perhaps not the best photo, but here's a reference. 

These patterns are rotated at random, I'd like to use an attractor point to determine the rotation (like what you've helped me with previously). I tried using a simple brick pattern first, but now I want to change the geometry for each 'brick', therefore I created a hexagon-like shape in Rhino and set it as a bounding box object in Grasshopper. Does that make sense and did I do that right?

understood...give me a couple minutes

ok, so in case you haven't been able to upgrade

here are some prt sc_

notice that the rotate component uses radians instead of degrees.

in case you want to use degrees go to the rotate component, to the "a" parameter, right click and go to expression.

modify as in the image below

the rhino file has a hidden surface, just to let you know

here are the files




Hi Mario,

I found both the question and your answer super helpful since I too am trying to apply geometry to a surface. I used your latest gh script and applied my own surface but nothing happened. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Also my rotate and morph battery are resulting in null.


I would really appreciate your help and I'm sure it's probably something I'm not catching.


please upload your file







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