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Hi All,

I'm relatively new to Grasshopper and am on a deadline to finish this. I've been working on this project, and am a bit stumped. I'm hoping you guys can help me work through the problem I'm having.

It might be a simple solution, but I'm trying to apply a controlled color pattern to a brick wall.

I have created a wall that alternates rows, but now I would like to take 2-5 different colors and apply them so that they look 'randomly' woven, but are actually a pattern. The end goal is to create either a panel that can be repeated on a facade (much like the carpet tile I have attached) or a whole wall where the pattern is diverse, but can also be documented so that a brick layer could follow it (i.e. an aabbbbccccaaee type pattern that repeats). I'm leaning towards the second option but am very open to the first. 

Ideally, I would be able to control how many of the color will appear in a group and how often. For each row, i'd like to be able to create a pattern so that each row can be lain by a brick layer. I would also like to make it so the rows can occur every fourth row, and can shift so it is not obvious that they are repeating. 

I've only been able to apply specific colors and image patterns to the wall. Any help is appreciated!

Best Regards.


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Here we have two possible solutions.


Hi Hyungsoo, 

The second one is really close to what I'm going for! Thank you. 

Do you by chance have any suggestions on how to create similar coloring on the wall without creating a random list with a seed, and instead creating a pattern where each color has a seed/control slider for each row? For example, row 1: brown 2, tan 6, yellow 7, purple 3, repeat. row 2: brown 6, tan 1, yellow 4, purple 10, repeat. row 3: yellow 5, purple 1, brown 3, tan 10, repeat. row 4: purple 2, brown 7, tan 3, yellow 4, repeat. Then repeat that sequence up the wall? For each color, the number in the sequence should be adjustable. 

Thank you again for your help!






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