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Brep Intersection Problem (offset the intersection curves)

Hi there.

I have a Brep (created mannually) that i Wish to intersect with a series of planes (zx). The idea is to get  a series of parallel ribs in order to give our structural engineers the profiles information for a steel structure behind the panels. So far the intersection works fine, but As soon as i try to offset the curves (to create the ribs surface) the direction of the offset changes (randomly? probably not). As you can see in the image the offset is different from one rib to an other.

Any ideas?

Attached you'll find the GH definition (internalized data) By the way I'm using paneling tools divide curve component in order to get an even spacement for the zx planes

Thank you all

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I wouldn't have used the same logic (a bit too cumbersome for such a simple output), but I edited what you posted to get what (I think) you want. See attached.


Thank you Stephen. That worked perfectly...So jealous.

I'm interested in understating your point of view regarding the ''cumbersome for such a simple output''. How would you approach this. Some times i complicate too much the definitions...

Thank you for your help


Very clever Stephen. I fail to understand what the sorting component is doing after the merge component. Can you explain a bit^

Thank you







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