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hi All,

as rabbit and it's L-system is not yet developed for newer versions of GH i'm wondering how would it be possible to make use of hoopsnake for branching. I'm doing branch column which has circular section. At some point i found out that this might need some loop to make it more effective in case of any further changes of parameters.



Adam Chalupski

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are you looking for a treestructure?

not with hoopsnake yet, but maybe somthing to start from


Best Regards


yes, i checked that topic before but the tree in that example seems to be base on the different solution.

Here is what i have (its what i call a square version).

Circle version will be "a bit" more complex since the number of points in every next level of the tree grows different then in the "square version".

Basicly, i want every branch to always split in two others. In .ghx example i found the right distribution of points but i'm i couldn't find the good solution of how to connect them with the lines to make the branches.

That will be only half way since that solution creates the tree which is "empty" inside. I would like it to distribute points on every level evenly (or close to evenly) on entire surface of the circles.

i found one easy solution how to make it to be a circle but that solution doesn't give any chance to make the tree  bended like in that orange example.

You can do some stuff with Hoopsnake, bending isnt a problem, but I didnt find any fast way to deal with the circular option.

that solution makes doing branching much faster ! I found a little bit of mistery in that code and cannot run the loop. It's not clear to me where exactly 'tree branch'>'path' and 'flat'>'path' are connected to. I just pluged them to the HS counter output but it still creates an error.

it's also interesting how does modulus division works here. I put integer '2' as a divisor.
thank You sistemiq for interest in that topic !


Oops yeah the screenshot hides some details, here is the source.

The tree components are used to separate and retrieve the constructed lines and the current points in 2 branches ({0} and {1}).




here is no Hoopsnake in it, but the circular bending is working :-)

Best Regards


thank You ! i made kind of similar version but the bending method is different. I used curve to define curvature.






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