algorithmic modeling for Rhino


How could I do this same action :
cutting corner on one polyline (picture 1),
on each of the polyline distinctly (picture 2).

(This is a simple example,
my goal is to manipulate objects distinctly)
Is it possible to take actions in each branch of a tree,
without writing this action for each branch ?

Thanks a lot

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Is this question stupid or what ? ...

Thank you,

Just discovering this function 'path mapper'
but for some reasons, GH crashes when I feed the last polyline box !!!
although there's nothing wrong with the data coming from the path mapper,
any idea ?
Yep, I can replicate this. No idea what's going wrong yet, but I'll try and fix it for the next release.

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia
Change the final Polyline component from Cross Reference to Longest List. That will at least allow you to run this file.

I found the problem, and it's in very old code. I'm surprised I haven't seen this error before. Congratulations on finding the Bug-of-the-week.

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia
Ahah, thank YOU David for all this work !






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