algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi guys!, i´ve been trying to create a polyhedra object from a box...its not so hard, just with one box.
You can divide the box, then cull pattern the points and create 4 point surfaces.
But Im working on a field of boxes, and i would like to have different polyhedras on each box, in term of subdivision.
If i use the jitter componet sometimes the 4 point surfaces are overlapped, since their order is messed up.
Any ideas????

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Replies to This Discussion here's what i came up with....
Thanks David for your screen shot of random points on a volume.
I'm using the new Facet Dome component, but after connecting it i get the following message...
"Object reference not set to an instance of an object"....I really don't understand what that is....
Just Flatten the input to the Facet component.
Thanks Theunis....i´ll check that first thing in the morning
yes....that solution is generating one single facet dome.
i would like to have facet domes in each box.
the definition works but every time i move the rhino point or change something
the facet dome component sends that error.....
thanks for taking the time.
hola mario....ahi creo que sale el resutado en cada volumen...el facet dome no manda error.........pero el resultado que entrega el facetdome es muy raro...


Hola Yerko!!!....como estas??
si asi veo....pero ese no es el resultado que estoy buscando la idea es que se genere un facet dome en cada caja.....el tema es que igual gh lo logra...pero cada vez que modifico algun parametro me arroja ese error......
I'm digging up this topic.
Interested in polyhexa form finding, I was wondering what was the best way to create such shapes.

thanks for any help.
I've added polyhedra (not all yet) and tessellation to the Geometry Gym StructDrawRhino plug-in ( )

So if a plug-in is acceptable you won't have to code it all for yourself. I'll happily add any further polyhedra by request ASAP.


Thanks for you reply.
I've just installed your plugin for a try ( and asked for a licence by the way)
I encountered an error window a the opening of grasshopper.
So I unticked the coff box in the settings as explained.
The toolbar is now visible but it remains a grasshopper loading error called priority: sdrGHInit.
"object reference not set to an instance of an object"
It may deal with the licence authorization?
looking forward to testing it
Thanks again
Hi Thibaut,

Sorry, I've been offline for a few days. Did you get the plug-in working?

Can you tell me which version of Grasshopper you are using? The problem you are describing sounds like an issue that arose in GH 0.7.0045 in the way I was inheriting from Grasshopper data structures that I have since resolved. Can you try downloading the latest version of the plug-in please?

I will help you with getting this working.


Hi Jon,
Everything's working great now.
thanks for your help.
Best regards.






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