algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi guy,

I would not know where to start to get something similar with my programs...Rhino, TSplines , Grasshopper!?!?


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The example attached was made very fast but i think its enough to get you started on the thought process..



Walk away from your computer.

Pencil. Paper.

Do you need animation?

Simple polyhedron, pick a dodecahedron.

Explode it into separate faces.

Find center of each face and its normal.

Use center point and normal (a unit vector) to create a point for each face outside of each face center.


Filippos offers already straight spikes.

Then you can twist the vectors by making a line, dividing the line into segments, then adding some sort of space warp overall in 3D space, to twist each point in space, then also add randomness, separately.

Break it down into workable pieces, never doubting yourself, as if you are doing it "wrong" or not good enough.


Buy and read "On Growth And Form" by D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson, to learn how Nature "cheats" and thus you should too, think about cheating and not be embarrassed by it, by making things work, efficiently:

Extra credit, over the next decade:

Google Translator:

Thankyou for the answers Look at the John Edmark videos !

excuse me but do not use Grasshopper 2 years and I will have need of some time to reflect on your precious and profound advice (I've ordered a book (:(!).  How concretely produce these sculptures using the 3D positioning of the tip of the petals according to fibonacci spiral with Rhino and tsplines (Grasshopper?) seems to have realized that the illusion of movement or of the petals is...or an "animated video in a render program" or "from  a set strobe "(a rotating wheel where to place the sculpture illuminated" but I'm not sure

I'm interested in the second hipotesis produce a solid / physical sculpture, and then I think an apparatus (stroboscopic)will undertake to give the illusion of movement of the petals. But this only happens if you are positioned exactly the petals in 3 D modelling ...(?). I'm would afraid to realize that maybe I do not need Grasshopper?!?!I don't understand ( without Google Translator(:! )

Only Rhino and TSplines?







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