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I know this is a website dedicated to Grasshopper, but since Grasshopper and Rhino are so closely tied, I thought of posting for help with Rhino here.

Alright, I have a site model of an urban area, and I am trying to render it very simple and basic, but when i try to render it, it comes out as black. All of it.

I have already selected the objects > Properties > [pull-down menu] Material > Assign by > Layer.

I even tried adding light to the scenery, but it wouldn't make any difference.

Please, see image for a clearer image of my problem.

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this is an SOS. 

i have a presentation coming tomorrow. thanks. love n kisses. 

this is just a guess - the black things look like trees. So could their shapes be so complicated that their black contour lies are so numerous they make the whole tree look black?

What exactly do you mean by "render it"? Are you using the Render command, or some sort of rendered viewport mode? The image you posted is of a viewport, but in the command history it says "rendering time 8 seconds".

Thank you for your quick response!

Birk Binnard,

In the shaded view if i zoom in to the tree, its all ok.

but when i hit render it all turns black, and the trees too.

David Rutten

i mean that i hit the blue circular button in the top left side of the viewport.

Then it automatically opens the render window, and the result is a total black image.

Im sooo confused. Also, every time i hit render, thats what appears...

The second pic shows the rendering result...

Ok, so the question is what sort of light sources are there in your model? If there are no lights, everything will appear black. (There are other possibilities as well, for example the camera location could be inside a closed shape without light on the inside).

Can you upload that file (just some of the shapes that you're happy to share, try to keep the file small) so we can test whether it's black here as well? I can't test properly because I don't have Rhino5 any more (I only work in Rhino6 now), but if the result is black for a good reason hopefully that won't have changed.

I think David found the problem: your spotlight in the "e.png" screenshot is facing the wrong way, and thus only lighting the sky. (animated gif demo below)

thank you very much!!!!!!

u saved my life






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