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Hey All,

Currently, I am trying to simulate wood bending using Kangaroo2. In this experiment, my goal is to have a different bending behavior depending on the kerfing orientations. I try to use simple hinge component to simulate it. However, some weird behavior suddenly emerged from this simulation (problem 1 & 2). It looked like several lines in the end of the strip disappeared that makes the strip did not bend properly.

Is there any explanation why this happened? Any help is so much appreciated.


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Hello Zaqi,

hinge works with tri meshes, so i think having a quad mesh as input messes things up. I believe in your case you will get some results using an exploded polyline and angle component.



*edit or a mesh with triangular faces

Hi Alex,

thanks for your input! it works!! PERFECTO



great!, i have noticed that since the triangulation has some sort of "direction", in your case from left to right, except the first and last triangulated quad, the simulation shows some direction, torsion like,  preference when bent.

i am not sure if my description makes sense, but in case you find a workaround for this please post.



maybe a xyz anchor would do the trick, allowing only x,z movement of the particles. i will try it.


I tried to make the same direction of the triangulation and changed the anchor, but the result always the same like previous simulation. 

this is what i meant.

reversing the triangles you get the opposite leaning. which makes sense since the angle is calculated through the triangles.

Alex, have you seen this video?

 do you think this simulation use hinge component as well??

it seems like hinge is behind this. it looks like by changing topology, different bent shapes arise.

another approach to try would be to use "counter" springs to somewhat alter the behavior towards a direction. i tried this in this video, but never got an exact equilateral triangle base, pretty close though.


I think I did it :D

How did you do this?






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