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I am having an issue figuring out how to get the gradient color displayed on my mesh to bake. If i put my gradient component into the colors input of the bakeAttributes it only bakes the mesh with one continuous color.

If anyone could tell me where I am going wrong that would be great.


Michelle Frantellizzi

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Ciao Michelle,

You a datatree in your closest point component input...this might be the issue...i've made a quick example with points to show how it's done in a real basic way:

Hope this helps. Cheers




I have done this with points before so your example makes sense to me. However I do not understand how to bake the exact gradient that is being projected onto my mesh using mesh colours. I tried to explode my mesh into faces and use the individual faces as the geometry I was baking onto. Doing that gives me a closer result to what I am looking for, but it is still not reading the correct color pattern.



this is what i am currently getting from the exploded mesh faces


Hm as i said i think you just have a problem with the datatree...the data structure on the Closest point component might cause this stupid gradient distribution.

Can you post a sample? Then we can get to the core of the can internalize the mesh if you don't want to send a .3dm file ;-)

As long as you get one distance value per Vertex of the Mesh and this one Value results in one Color from the gradient tool you can let everything as you had and just bake the Mesh.

There is no need for this special bake script from giulio to bake the mesh coloured...Just bake the mesh simply in gh and the colors should be on there....

To render the mesh with vertex color you should use vrml or similar filetypes that support vertex color and transfer the mesh to 3dsMax.

Rhino is not able to render VertexColor as far as i know.

Best regards,


I'm sorry...i should have made you an example with a mesh.

But as you see it works the same:


Thanks for getting back to me. I have attached the mesh and the gh file I am working with.

I was unable to bake the mesh with the gradient on it directly from the mesh colours.


Its not about the manner of how you used the gradient tool, that was right. You have the wrong values feeding the gradient. Now i have to understand what you are doing, because it doesn't make much sense to me....

I suppose you want to create a sort of coloured height map for your mesh, is that right?

In that case you can just need the z value from every point of the mesh and thats it...if this is not the case you should probably tell what's your goal with the colors.

And then as i said can just bake the mesh with the simple Grasshopper function Bake... You don't have to use this script from Giulio. The OBJECT COLOR attribute is something completely different.

You just need to bake it and the colors will be directly stored onto the mesh. Change the Viewport mode to Rendered or Shaded if you just see the mesh in his OBJECT COLOR (is always one uniform color).

Have luck and best regards








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