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Bake and Export multiples layers with geometry to dwg/dxf for GH directly

Hi Guys,

I am trying to bake multiple geometries organized in different layers with GH (works fine) and in the same flow export this as  dwg or dxf to be used in autocad. For this last part I cannot seem to find a working solutution. Doing this by hand is not a option, as I need to export up to 500+ dwg files, so any kind of automation is usefull.

So in essence I need to export 2 layers, with each layer containing a couple of crv's to DWG. The dwg should include this layers structure when opened

In the forum I found two components that should have this kind of functionality, but neither seem to work or is still supported.

  • I am currently testing with the TTtoolbox plugin and its CADexporter, however this does not support the export of multiple layers. Only 1 layer can be exported.
  • The Finches components could possibly be useful for export batch processing, but the component is not longer for download as the makers ( website is offline. I am currently on Rhino 5, with GH 0.9.0075, so if comeone can share a gha file of this, that would be much appriciated. 

Are there alternatives that are being used by the community that i am aware of? As this seem to me has been of use to more people

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Hi Rémy,

Can you be a bit more specific on what you are trying to do?

Your .3dm files has a number of objects in it, and some of them are named (with Rhino's "SetObjectName" command) and some are not.

You would like to input a certain names of the objects, and based on those names to create new .3dm files (or some other file format? which one?) where each .3dm file will contain only a single Rhino object?

For example a small_sphere.3dm file will contain a sphere named "small_sphere"...

Did I understand you correctly?

And How will layer impact the final small_sphere.3dm file?

Hi Djordje and thank you for your return,

Here is an extract of the file in question, the overall file contains more than 3000 pieces.

Each piece in a name and I would like to export all objects with the same name in independent files, even if the objects are in different layers I would pick different layers in the exported file.

My goal is to send the DXF for CNC to laser cutting of the parts.

I succeed to do but not effective method and that takes time.

Thanks for all.


Hi Rémy,

The export component you found in this topic will export a single file, not multiple number of files.

I attached below a new component which will export your geometry based on the name of objects.
Be patient when you set the "_export" input to True. This is a limitation of Rhino 5, not the component.


Thanks djordje,

I'm return to you after several test.

have a nice week end,


Your script it's so cool but it's very long for many curve (20 000 and +)

I feel that the script export item by item. Is it possible to export all objects of the same name at the same time,

example: _selname with rhinocommand.

Curently your scipt  exports 200 item for 10 min.

I have over 3,000 item per file and I have 5 files.

For all elements with a rough calculation it makes:

(15 000/20)=750 min (it's so long)

Thanks for all

Hi Rémy,

The component does not export but rather selects an item by item based on item's attribute name, and then exports a single file.

But you are right, the best method is definitively to use the "SelName" Rhino command, and lower the waiting time to minimum.
Thank you for the improvement!

Check the attached file below.


Perfect, thanks Djordje.

This is much faster with this method.

150 item for 1 min !!!

Hi Djordje,

I got som of your script to work, but I need to export only the curves in a certain area (a sheet).

I posted my question in more detail here

I was hoping you could have a look and give me some pointers


Hi, if you want to export groups of objects (points and polylines) in single dxf as in the file "export_by_objectName"

how can I do?

thanks for all the good stuff above.

I have an extra question:

if I just want to export grasshopper geometry to CAD without creating rhino objects, can I ask how to do it with python script?






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