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Hi guys,


I am spreading objects randomly on a surface and would like to minimize intersecting ones using galapagos... I haven't found a way yet and was wondering if any of you would have an idea on how to do it ?


Below is an image of what I am getting.


Many thanks,




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Hi Christina,


Thanks for your post. The definition which I posted is wrong as the slider which feeds the random component cannot be narrowed down by the Galapagos solver... I am still working on the script which David kindly wrote for this leaf pattern issue. 


Attached is a very simple definition which shows how Galapagos can be used (Credits to Victor Sanderberg who had the idea) It rotates and moves the construction lines of a surface in order to maximize or minimize shadow.


Hope that helps,








hi arthur - thanks for the reply. as i'm new to grasshopper as well, i'm having trouble reading lots of the files uploaded by people on the forum, including the galapagos.ghx file you just uploaded. it looks like script, not as a grasshopper window with components. I don't know how to read the scripting, yet, as i'm just learning the language of the components. is there any way you can upload it as a file that i can open in grasshopper to see the definition, so it looks like the image in your first post, but complete (for the new definition you posted, obviously)? sorry to ask what may be a simple question - maybe i just don't know how to open the file you uploaded to read it visually, not as script. ???? thanks again - c.

Hi Christina,

It sounds like you might be opening the .ghx file as xml format.  Right click and choose 'Save page as...' or 'Save Link as...' to download a posted script.  Then it should open properly in Grasshopper showing components, etc.




You might try using Kangaroo, it's really good at stuff like this and I think it would be a lot simpler.





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