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Associating two separate lists with different structures.

Hi. I am looking for some help with some Data Trees and how they associate with each other. The end goal is to test a multiple lists of points to see if they are contained within closed curves. 

The tricky part is I want specific points to check against a specific curve. All the curves in the right panel are on different levels {0} {1} {2}, and so on. The points on the left are organized by level and curve (because there are multiple curves on a certain level), so {13;31} as shown is level 13, curve 31. I want to check if the curve on that level contains the points on that level. 

So for example, I want it to check if the the closed curve on let's say level {A}, contains points from the curve {A,1} {A,2} {A,3}: level {B} to check {B,1} {B,2}

I have tried relative items but that was not working, possibly because they are not in the same tree structure. 

Hopefully someone is able to help!

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You should graft curve list. Making it a tree.

If it still doesn't work, grow curve tree branches to get the same amount of branches of point tree, using longest list component.

Or post your definition (with referenced meaningful data internalized).


You can use path mapper to give the curves the same tree structure as the points. So you end with a tree with one curve per branch that matches.

From the top of my head I think its would be something like


But not sure:

Check it here






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