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For an urban analysis I want to associate/connect ca. 30.000 surfaces (parcels) with 80.000 points (from buliding center-points of a Shapefile) in order to do several things:

1. Cull every surface with a building on it (with a point) to find free parcels.

2. Make several analysis like comparing the area of the buildings with the area of the parcel. (sometimes more than one building on a parcel)

I tried to associate the buildings to the parcels with surface/line intersection but the programm crashes when i connect the lines to surface/line input.

Sometimes i have to wait for 20 mins for one process because there is so many data, theough my computer is pretty good. 

Is this normal?

Thanks for your help.

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Sorry for bothering but nobody knows if it is possible to group the points inside of the curves?

It's important to be very careful about your tree management in this case - it's possible that you're asking gh to compute 30000 * 80000 = 2.4 billion surface line intersections, which would definitely be a lot to handle.

It would be easier to answer if you posted the relevant files.


I managed to cull the curves with a point on it but woul be happy for any hint on how to group points according to the curves they are in. 

Thank you

attached is a gh file and a rhino file with two layers (one for points and one for curves)


I may be missing something, but I cannot find the building middle points in either of your files.

Hey sorry fo being unclear. it are actually not the building middlepoints but the points of the building floorsurfaces. so tey have a z-value of 0 and are on a layer in the rhino file. 

Your file requires both some plugins, and the plugins also need some files. If you internalize the geometry that comes out of your plugin, we can reproduce the problem and help you out.

omg, sorry i really thought i did this as on the screenshot. so here are the files again.







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