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Hey Everyone,

I know that there aren’t a lot of job listings or posts about employment but I decided I would try anyway.

I am looking for employment somewhere where I can put my rhino/grasshopper/python skills to use. I love to solve complicated problems and am looking to relocate to be a part of a team that does interesting work.

A few years ago I made a series of tutorial videos where I went through much of Daniel Shiffman's ‘Nature of Code’ series. My knowledge and programming skills have grown much since then. But if you view the videos on my youtube channel they will give you an indication of my thought process when I code.

I have a lot of experience making things. I worked for a bronze sculptor for a number of years and started making my own sculptures about 10 years ago. Recently I worked for Legacy Effects helping to mold and fabricate movie props.

Here is a short video portfolio.


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Your Youtube Tutorials were great Learning tool for python, and it helped me a lot for learning python programming and conducting simulations in Grasshopper 

Good Luck Jake

Glad the videos helped!

Note that real world job listings for Grasshopper skills currently exclude anybody without an undergraduate architecture degree, period. The exceptions are so rare as to be only trust fund kid startups likely destined to fail, maybe once a year you'll see such an art house listing. However, Python skills are six figure starting salary jobs at myriad tech startups in most any big city, as long as you study them as a profession down to the computer science degree level, which is easy enough to do online these days. With mad Python skills you can run job market circles around recent architecture graduates in the job market, but sadly however this also requires ability to create and modify object oriented programming projects that are part of an academic training cult. That will help link your programming outlook to web development too though, which is lots of OOP classes for Javascript and CSS.

Is it also worth pointing out that after just 6 months max in any professional tech role your hopes, dreams, enthusiasm and motivation will be crushed and your cynicism and sarcasm will push new limits. You will develop the ability to sound extremely knowledgable and convincing no matter what you actually know and it will dawn on you that project management just means persuading awkward people to do things they don't really want to do and the biggest advantage of not planning anything is that failure comes as a complete surprise rather than being preceded by a long period of worry and depression.

Sculpting bronze sounds awesome!


I appreciate the insight Tom. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Thanks for taking the time to give me some insight into what is out there and what to expect.

go for ngos if you want something interesting and you can travel.Use that as a stepping stone and go from there. go find yourself. Good Luck.

What's the point of this?

If you were refering to what I wrote 

then if you are not going the regular route of school diploma career 

It helps to go places that are not on the main road. 

That is my point of view. Noam






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