algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Dear All

Kindly, i use area and scale components as see in attached picture.

the total area = 60

the scale factor = 0.5

the area after scaling = 15.0

Why ??? It should be 30

Please anyone answer me ???

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If you have a rectangle that is 6 x 10 it has an area of 60

If you scale that rectangle by 0.5 it will be 3 x 5 which has an area of 15

No, area is measured in square units. If you scale a curve by a factor of 0.5 it will become half as long, when you scale a surface by a factor of 0.5 it will become one quarter as big. If you scale a solid by a factor of a half, it will become one-eighth as voluminous.

This is the relationship between area and scale factor:

A' = A * f²

The 2 is there for the same reason areas are written as m².

So if you wish to make an area half as big, the scale factor you're after is:

f² = 0.5

f = √0.5 = 0.70710678118654752440084436210485







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