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Hello everybody.


I created a program to apply a pattern (9 triangles) on a surface (a triangle too).

I am new in grasshopper that's why the program maybe strange for you.



But when I want to join this program on a surface composed of triangles (panels), it doesn't work.



Anyone could help me please




Files :

- Pattern.


- Surface of triangles.



PS : sorry for the english...




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hi Ines. i cant open your 3dm because i have rhino 4, but i attach rhino file from another recent discussion. Hope helps ;)


Thank You very much Lucas.

That's exactly what I wanted to do.
However, I do not understand why it is necessary only 42 surfaces and it does not work with 49.
And do you think it is possible to adjust the size of each triangle according to theirdistance from the point attractor?

thank you again.

this ones is closer, you can change the number of triangles of the surface pattern


hi Ines: try this deff. Cheers.


Sorry to answer so late,

Thank you very much, we use a lot your program.


Inès and Anna

Hello Lucas. 

How are you ?

I posted a discussion on a new problem I had for this program but nobodyresponded.
As you know the program, I was wondering if you could help me (again ...) if you have time of course!

So I'll try to be as clear as possible.

I have two problems.

The form we have is a shade. I would like to close the shape of the top so she cancling to a bulb socket. For this, I want to keep a planar surface (the same surface asthe top of the basic shape without distortion but reduced (scale)), then connect themodified form (with the attractors points) to this surface. However, it must be dividethis surface on triangle to succeed have flat surface (because the shade is made of paper and then cut out of planar sheets).
I managed to do it but very complicated and non-automatic by taking each point oneby one through lists items.
Do you know a way to do it automatically and it still works even if we increase the number of facets of the form?

I also have a problem with attractors points to 2 different places, to distort the basic shape and create the holes.

I could wish to create as many attractors points what I want in my program but it is limited.
Do you think it is possible to group all attractors points in only component (point) to make this automatic?
In my program, I have managed to use several (3) points attractors to distort the basic shape using dispatch order if I want attractors for example 24 points, I wouldcreate 24 pieces of program which is quite disturb!
For holes, the problem IS exactly the same.

Do you have any ideas? (If you have time).

Thanks a lot.



Hi Ines, i cant open your rhinofile because i´m running rhino 4. Change your file and could see when have a moment. ;)

Hi Lucas, thank you for your answer.

Here are the files in Rhino 4


Hi Ines, the part in red is the beggining of the multiple attractors, maybe tomorrow. See you. ;)


Oh thank you very much Lucas, it's impressive that you manage to do ! 

Here is my attempt with multiple attractor. i saw some reply from David since a long time. I ve added a diference in numeration of the surfaces, 1,2,3... and 1a,2a,3a. Cheers ;)

Nothing impressive, allways learning with people like you. Ilove this game!! ;)







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