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Antialiasing rhino options kills large deifinitions and pc.


once i activate Antialiasing, which is needed for presentations, definitions with many components are turned into zombies. Excessive lagging in the whole system to the point windows pops up a notification to change my display settings, disabling aero etc.

Is this normal? is my card failing? i did a test 10 minute game session all settings maxed, no problems.

Once i open the definition, the first 10-15 minutes working on it, are ~ok. After that the system goes to a responsive non responsive cycle T ~5 seconds.

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Ok i found the problem. it is not the antialiasing.

David i think this is serious. As soon as disable the NvTelemetry Service, that comes with the Nvidia drivers, everything comes back to normal. Tested starting and stopping the service, with various definitions.



This is Rhino display bug so you'll have to tell the Rhino developers on discourse. There's no way I'm going to look around in display code, let alone make changes to it. Last time I did that I bluescreened.

for starters i joined an angry nvidia forum thread, because this, as reported, seems to mess with other software too.

the system goes to a responsive non responsive cycle T ~5 seconds

I see this behavior nearly all the time trying to use 64-bit Rhino.  It worked perfectly at various times in the past but for months now, it behaves so badly on startup with no model that it's useless.  Can't even drag/resize the window without it freezing for five seconds.  It's really obvious that Rhino's QA team doesn't do enough testing.  ANNOYING!

did you update your display drivers? this sinister nvidia service comes in without asking.

I was just about to "P.S." you about that - what is the 'NvTelemetry Service'?  They aren't trying to phone home, are they?  Oh crap, they are:

Ugh. :(  Thanks.







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