algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi everyone,

I want to do the animation for the timer in my grasshopper. 

However, I have no idea to tell the computer to render a image in each time interval.

Here is my definition, and it is a visual basic code.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Ming,

Here some tools i've made some time ago...the're for capturing the view when the input on the trigger changes or you can directly connect the timer to the capture component. Hope this helps in your case.

I've attached this script + the user object. In addition another user object for custom preview on different viewports with different styles.




Hi Florian,

It works perfectly, thank you so much.


Hi Florian,


I have found your CaptureView object on the Grasshopper website and I think it is one of the best out there. Since I run a lot of simulations in my research project I like the fact that it is quick and easy.

However, it would be great for me to control the width and height. Would that be possible to change? The cluster is password protected.


Thanks in advance,


Jouri Kanters

Hi Jouri,

I have made a little script that creates a flaoting viewport with a specific window size in pixels.

Also i've made some minor changes and updated the Capture View Component. So please drag the new .ghuser to your gh canvas to override the old one.

The only problem with this script is, that you have to find out which border size has your window. It depends on your screen resolution and operating system.

I've made a single capture by setting the the window to 700x400 at the script and looked at the resulting picture. The result was the difference gave 18x48, which you have to add to 700x400 => 718x447 to get the proper 700x400 image capture then.

Also take care you're not scaling the floating viewport of rhino, it will change the resolution of the picture.

The big effort of this method is, you can set your camera very well...define your own displaying styles in rhino and it will capture everything you see in that window at the size of this window....a real WYSIWYG workflow.

LG Florian


Thanks so much!! It is however very much dependent on your screen resolution? In this example you could set a higher resolution than your screen resolution (the script on that link doesn't work for me). Since I work at different locations I have different screens leading to different resolutions of the images. Would it be possible to set a 'fixed' width and height? is possible, but a bit of work, cause i have to sort out how to recognize borders somehow...unless McNeel changes this in the's a very simple solution i've sent you here. I'll investigate a better solution.

Greets Florian

Hi Florian

Thanks for Share, Iv used your algorithm but there is an error:

A generic error occurred in GDI+. (Line:0)

thank you so much.







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