algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi all, as being new in grasshopper i am trying to figure out basic mathematical problems, here is one.. I would like to divide a curve into non equal segments. In every segment i would like to add a specific increased value so the final result to be something like:

1st segment 30cm+1cm, second 30cm+2cm, third 30cm+3cm etc.. Is this possible? 

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Yup. This is one way:


David Rutten

Tirol, Austria


thank you David, that was very helpfull..

I am using what you gave me on a curve, i extruded and got some contours from it and i am trying to add some extra so to be able to construct a brick wall on that logic, i think i am pretty close but i am stuck in 2 basic issues...a) how to get every second point in z axis? and b) how to get boxes oriented on the contoured curves?

do you mind having a look on what i am trying to create?

and here is what i have since now..







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