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I'm trying to add an icon image to a toolbar(ribbon) for some custom tools that I'm making.

I'm displaying tab names as icons with growing number of plugin tabs, and it's really helpful to see image icons to differentiate different plugins as circled in red below.

Can someone let me know how to use images for tab icons instead of letters? 

Thank you!


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You can register those at any time by calling the AddCategoryShortName, AddCategorySymbolName and AddCategoryIcon. These methods can all be found on Grasshopper.Instances.ComponentServer.

A good place to call these methods would be in a class which inherits from GH_AssemblyPriority. Such classes are always loaded before any other classes in a GHA.

Thanks for your kind reply David.

I was looking for a way to add an icon image in Grasshopper interface, because I was simply making a custom toolbar using clusters without using C#.

It sounds like there's no way to do this within Grasshopper interface.


Yep, there's no way to do that without writing code. 

as a new to C# and VStudio17, where is the location to add ?

i find it hard to grasp.







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