algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Is there any function or work around in Rhino/Gh similar to the adaptive components feature in Revit?


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Yes create a cluster, very simple

I'm not quite sure how this would get me a solution. In this particular case I'm panelizing a surface with basic placement panels, then I want to apply different panel configurations to those placement panels. For example one may be a simple rectangle anther would have a horizontal line another maybe has an extra vertical line etc. So maybe my initial question wasn't asked correctly, but this is what i was getting at. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks!

You should look into paneling tools and things like box morph. You can create a prototype panel, then morph it onto the surface. Alternatively, you could create your panelization in GH, import the panels to Revit as adaptive components via Chameleon or GeometryGym or a handful of other GH plugins, then muck around with the Revit adaptive component family. This option is very powerful and we've been using it for our projects quite successfully.

Do you have a preference? You mentioned Chameleon and GeometryGym. Which plugin/workflow works best for you and why?

That's exactly the workflow I'm currently using, however, when the project consists of a very large amount of panels using the adaptive components function in revit can become real boggy and slow so I was hoping to do it all through rhino/gh as just line work and maybe export configuration data into excel to prepare a schedule. So if you or anyone else have any other suggestions along these lines that would be great. And thanks for the reply Damon.
For adaptive components I use Chameleon because the import is much faster. I wrote a blog post, that also had links to other resources, on this topic that may be helpful.

It points out the reasons and how I use each plugin.






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