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Hi all

It has been a while since I last played with grasshopper but now I have a mission! I want to create a wine rack where the front is concave and where i by using grasshopper can get the elements out and have the made by using cnc.

uwnfortanly I have forgotten, not all, but most so Im thinking I should start with a grid and then some attractor work. but i was hoping some one might now some good tutorials for both the 3d and the transformation into cnc pieces? any help will be appreciated :-)

se my little sketch for idea

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Post your code!

Now i got concave front now i need to turn the points in to polylines so they can turn in to shapes i can turn in to solids for the cnc fabrication, any hints?

On second thought, this isn't what I thought it was and really isn't appropriate here, sorry.

Actually...  if you remove 'Scale NU' and 'Boundary' and use 'SqGrid' instead of 'HexGrid' (a switch between the two is provided), this might be interesting - even though it doesn't match the curves in your drawing and doesn't begin to address CNC issues.  Food for thought?

The only reason for the 'Tree/List Viewer' is to choose which cell will be the shortest one, the center or attractor.

Use one of the great examples below but create a solid shape without the holes for the wine bottles. Then use the Bowerbird plug in to create a waffle structure that can be easily cut on a CNC router. There are example Bowerbird files that orientate the cutting profiles to the XY plane too so all you need to do is nest them within standard sheet sizes of whatever it is that you are going to make your wine rack from.

here is a little update!

Thanks for all the great help, I can see that the bowerbird app will be a great help to make the slices for the cnc machine.

im still workning on the construction of the solid to put in to the bowerbird app.

I have a wall piece thats 2x2m and has 1,2x1,2m part in the middle that is 15cm withdrawn from the front so I want the concave front to reflect  this distance. so i put my attractor point in the middle and then i want to work with a max and a min value of distance for the so there anywhere are a 30 cm dept in the holes for the wine.

I have solved the max distance but im missing the min 








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