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Hi, I am new user to Rhino/grasshopper. I have been watching many tutorials and I have one problem and I hope there is someone helps me out! I feel after watching/reading tutorials is that all tutorials is about the example in it not about how to use grasshopper as a design tool. I want you all Excuse my ignorance if wot am saying is wrong but that’s why I post that discussion seeking help. I want to use grasshopper as a design tool not just to have fun doing/copying a twisted tower`s like a monkey.... So, any help plz :))))

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You mean as a generative design tool or a solutions based tool? Basically, YOU should be the one with the design concept - if you want to develop something novel, why would you look at someone elses examples?
you are right dirk!!!!!!!
I think one of the best examples of Grasshoopper being used as a design tool is the Monterey Stadium project by Studio Mode. There the model was created by one team for another set of designers that were able to explore different design iterations very quickly. You can see more at:

I do see your point of view.
Well, IMO the beauty of it is that you can use it in many ways, it's a matter of pipeline integration.
So, regarding of what you do, and how you establish your workflow, so you can adapt GH.
From my point of view doesn't make great sense to make it a start-to-end solution, but it's a great way to "turbo charge" stuff you do in rhino or in other modelers.
I would suggest the inclusion of a predefined definition library set, like a tool kit, covering some useful and most common stuff.

The tutorials are useful, IMO since loads of ppl don't have the time or the money to do a proper introductory workshop or course, I'm including myself in these. And any definition, video tutorial, or manual that pops in the web is precious. And the examples... well it's also to learn and apat them you your needs.

1st thank you all for answer :) , the nearest one to wot i want was Mr. MARIO VERGARA , my point was where is the start point, how to start be a user to GH .. Rhino/GH is known to most of u and was near to some in school of arch or workshops or or .... but it wasn't for me :) and the nearest workshop ( i know about ) is other side of the Mediterranean sea 1500 miles away lol so only way for me is learn from online tutorials and after i did read/watch that tutorials i couldn't take the 1st step in use GH or apply what i learned ... thats why i asked help :)






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