algorithmic modeling for Rhino

This script is aim to take in a BRep polysurface solid for generating a laser cutting file.
It can handle hollow forms, cantilevering masses and can generally take more complex geometry then the usual section plane-section curve algorithm. This is because of an operation which determines the middle point for notch/slot to happen, instead of the usual fixed height notching.


  • Ideal script to generate massing models for complex geometries.
  • It uses a global coordinate grid to determine cutting plates location, which allows two adjoining form to be baked separately while cutting plates matching across the two form.
  • Best used in mm scale.

This is not a simple script, not intend for general purpose.
The script still relies on solid Boolean operations, thus limited to what Rhino 'can Boolean'.

I'll add more description about the script later when I have more time.
I attached a form testing file, which you can play with some forms that I've sketched.

This is my first post, suggestions and comments appreciated.
Inspired by David Fano's Parametric Truss script.



waffle_20101228.ghx, 1.6 MB is the latest script (hope it works on GH0.8)


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Thank you very much, I am getting ready to give it a whirl but I wanted to take the time to thank you for your contribution to this great community. (Now that the thank you(s) are out of the way, I can now go play.


Best regards,



Dear Mark, Thanks for your praise.

If possible, upload some photos of the waffle you made as a reward for me.




I haven't gotten around to designing anything fun or practical yet, so I cut the following from a/the example file.  I will post again when I cut something more substantial/interesting.  I used 5 cm blue foam, cut on laser.


VL, Let me know if you need something cut, I have a Laser, Shopbot & CNC Plasma cutter.


Thanks again for your help.


Happy New Year,


Mark Plaga


Inline pics of some waffles made from your definition.

Link to images in flickr

That is interesting, thanks for posting. Your works are pretty interesting, longing to see your sculpture in the show.

waffle_2010-12-28.ghx ,nice work :)

instruction plzzzzzz :O

Hi Victor,

This is the best script for waffle!!

unfortunatly i lost the file and i cant seem to download it from here anymore..

it saves as a .xml file

can you post it again or send it to me?

thanks a lot!!


Victor, I certainly will send you a photo as well as the definition upon completion. This project will be a approx. 10 foot long by 6 foot wide by 4 foot deep sculpture to be hung in front of a bandstand at a art show for architects and builders in North Carolina.

It will actually be a main focal point in the space. Would toy be interested in collaborating with me and kick some ideas around? Check out there stuff I usually do, wood sculpture, 3d light graffiti, etc. At Thanks again for the definition. Talk to you soon.

Best Regards, Mark Plaga 919.623.5497
Thanks for updating the script Victor.

Hi Victor,

Awesome work on the definition!! I was playing with it and made a small model as a test run for you to enjoy, had couple of questions though,

Is it possible to define over notching or slotting, or should I say compensation for a tool not being able to cut a square notch? Currently there is no tolerance and the notching happens at an equal percentage, so if you happen to cut your objects with a CNC machine you will find that when the pieces are assembled they ‘stick out” a bit due to the curvature left by the tool in the corners?

Secondly, how would you go about defining a radial Waffle around the Z axis, for example if you were working with a pipe and wanting to have waffles in the Z and X axis? (Radiating out from the centre)


Besides of that I found your definition to be the most stable out of all of the ones I have come across, well done and thank you again!!

Hi Victor, I've been working with your waffle definition and am having a few problems. first, when the Brep is very thin (say 2-3") the definition won't work. and second the material thickness is not stable lower than 1 in some cases. Any tips on how I can fix these issues?

Thank you
can you upload the geometry you are working with?






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