algorithmic modeling for Rhino

following james brown great song i´ll say Please please please. . . can anybody help me with 3d metaballs. i dont know how to do this.

any info will be usefull.

thaks partners. 

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use millipede marching cubes (isosurface component as I remeber), then you can remesh it with starling tools or kangaroo (mesh parameterization or spring-based remeshing)

can you share a def?

this is little example of remeshing. in this case, spheres are converted to unioned mesh, then remeshed. 

so first create mesh with millipede (examples provided at its group), then disjoint mesh with disjoint component, set mesh which you would like to remesh and provide it to starling.

to use it with starling it has to be genus 0 mesh.

thanks, will try it!






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