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Hi Everyone, 

I'm looking to recreate a two dimensional cracking technique from python script into grasshopper, whilst also transferring it to 3D. It's relatively simple, drawing a line between the centre of the (in 2D case - closed polyline) the extremities, and then sub dividing and repeating.

I've started this off in 3D by creating a box, finding the centriod and then creating lines between the centroid and exterior vertices. Ideally I then want to create these "triangles" into surfaces, find the centre point of all of those, and then repeat (even better would be to somehow have the repeat count on a slider of some sort)

I'm attaching a couple of screen shots to help explain what I'm trying to achieve, would be very grateful if anyone had any suggestions, also included the grasshopper file, though I apologise in advance for how messy it is!

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Hi Peter, 

That looks great thanks! Really appreciate you getting back to me so quickly. This w/e is perfect for a fully functioning version, an chance I could get the WIP one just to continue experimenting with until then?

Thanks again,


Just realised I can use the screenshot of the script to update it myself for the time being! :)

Had a complete mind blank!

Retracting the pervious comment - I cant find the correct position to insert the script so my tutors will have to wait until the weekend!

... tutors will have to wait ...

Well... tutors waiting (I do hope in agony and/or in pain and/or in frustration) sounds a very good thing to me since I don't like tutors.

Anyway get this renamed version since something urgent occurred in the practice and bad/unpleasant/ugly things are scheduled for the w/e.


Hey all!

I am trying to do something similar, by "cracking" a volume and using the edges as a facade treatment. I cant get the userbrep functionality to work for some reason. 


Hi Ron

What's the issue with the userBrep? (it works if useUserBrep == true AND there's some input brep around that is closed AND sliceMode == 2).

BTW: sliceMode 2 does the "random" (slow) slicing. The orthogonal slice - sliceMode 1 - is restricted to boxes and domains (and that's the reason that is real-time fast).

BTW: this C# is NOT written having facades in mind thus I can't predict what sort of results you'll get. Anyway post your brep (in a Rhino file) and give some hints (sketches) about what "slice" means to you.


I was able to get the userbrep working fine, but didn't get the results I was looking for, which is fine because it was more of an exploratory measure in the first place. 


Dear all, 

I tried to use my own geometry, but failed. Please see the photo attached below.




Post here only the geometry used. In all tests here the whole thing works OK

sometimes ago, I managed to create 3D Subdividing definition 

It would be useful to explore it if you are not a Scripting fan


Hi Mohamed,

Thanks for the reply! I have been working with the script created by Peter for a while now so its part of my architectural "story" as it were, but I'll certainly take a look at this, Thanks!







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