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I think I have a kind of a simple question: I want to populate a 2D area with points randomly, but connected to 3 different distances from each point to another (like 5m, 7m and 15m) and grasshopper should define in the end by itselfe the total number of the points.

Any advises? Thanks!

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So the distance between each pair of closest points must be exactly 5, 7, or 15? How about the distance between a point and it's 2nd closest neighbour? 3rd closest? ...

Okey, so in the end i want to have a triangular grid in wich every point is either 5,7,15 m far away from every and each other point.

See attached.

1. Plan A: Used the Proximity GH native stuff (that limits the search to a given max N of prox points) whilst it accepts min/max search radii.

2. Plan B: Some freaky thing (via code) that keeps searching until it finds all prox points that have distance >= min && <= max (from any point in the pList). Min max are derived by the dList values (after applying a percentage +/- increase). In order to help you to put the right search values it displays (red/green) the min/max distance found in your point collection.

NOTE: if the percentage (tolMargin parameter) is 0 then it searches distances that are between the max/min of your values in dList. You can add any additional value in the dList controlled via a slider.


Added a searchMode option as follows:

dList (can contain any N of distinct values - same values are discarded) yields "domains" of search according the renamed domainControl slider (see Info panel). If is 0 the "domain" shrinks to a given dList value.

So searchMode 1 does a proximity search for each "domain" whilst searchMode 2 does a search for distances between the total min/max domains value. Depending on topology and  dList values results may (or may not) differ.

Example: assume that you search proximity for 2, 4, 13 meters. Using the domainContol these "expand" to, say, 1.5-2.5, 3.5-4.5 and 12.5-13.5. Mode 1 finds prox distances within the 3 "domains" (excluding 2.5-3.5 and 4.5-12.5) whilst mode 2 finds distances within the 1.5-13.5 range.

Mind overlaps.

NOTE: David's excellent Populate thingy yields "even" distributions ... meaning that this may be not the ideal tool for that type of search.







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