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Working with Data Trees Webinar | Part03: Lists + Lists of Lists

Working with Data Trees in Grasshopper | 2012 October 5

The main challenge we hear from users who want to implement Grasshopper into their creative process is always Data Trees. Data – how it’s stored, accessed, and associated – is the threshold that separates you from fluid execution and powerful routines in Grasshopper. Beginning with a presentation on the main principles of working with Data Trees, this webinar will incrementally unpack a diverse set of Data-related techniques through a series of “live” exercises. With two instructors offering guided curriculum and continuous support it is our goal to provide you with an in-depth and personal learning experience. Additional topics covered will include: what is a Data Structure, why Data Trees look the way they do, and how to navigate, manipulate, and grow your Data Tree in an organized way.

What are Data Trees? What do all of those index values mean?
If I have a Data Tree, How can I precisely navigate through it?
My Data Tree is wild! How can I tame it and make its structure clear?
What else are Trees good for? How can I use my Data Tree to create unique labels?

Level: Some experience suggested. Beginners can review our Introduction to Grasshopper Webinar here:
Suitable For: All Creative Professionals: Artists, Architects, Designers, Engineers, Programmers, Students.
Software: Rhino 4SR9 or Rhino5Beta + Grasshopper 0.9.
Instructors: Ronnie Parsons + Gil Akos | Partners, Studio Mode
Pricing: $99/$59 : Professional/Student Rate. Register now to Access the Full Webinar Content and Videos:

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