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Wasp Dev Log #003 - Adjacency/Exclusion Constraints and Aggregation Graph [Wasp 0.4.005b]

Wasp Dev Logs
Episode #003 - Adjacency/Exclusion Constraints and Aggregation Graph [Wasp 0.4.005b]
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In the third issue of the Wasp Development Logs, I will present two new features of Wasp I am quite excited about: first, the new adjacency/exclusion constraint, which will allow you to set which parts are (or are not) allowed to be in contact with each placed part. Second, a new component (still in progress) which will compute the graph representing any given aggregation. Additionally, I will also show you the newly added possibility of using a Part Catalog either as a "limited" or a " proportional" catalog. Enjoy the new features and let me know if you have any feedback

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