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Vision-based compression bending test apparatus: Stiffness grading of plywood fiberglass composite strips

This research project investigated the mechanical testing of plywood-fiberglass composites, to propose a materially informed modeling and fabrication method of bending-active strips. A vision based compression bending test apparatus has been developed to measure the flexural properties of plywood-fiberglass composite slender beams. The number of fiberglass layers and the orientation of the fibres along the strip have been examined, in order to calibrate the bending behaviour of each strip segment, aiming to encode complex 3d form into flat 2d strips, which bent and anchored at both ends, form non-symmetrical arch shapes of variable curvature. The results show that the proposed method enables a unified materially informed form finding process, where the geometry is approximated according to local material specifications at macro, meso and micro scale. Informing physics based simulations with material properties data derived from the proposed mechanical testing scheme, allowed for fairly accurate material behaviour simulations, with deviations attributed, besides the non-standardized apparatus measurements, mainly to the manual fiberglass layup and the number of mechanical tests conducted for the calculation of the mechanical properties of each fiberglass layout variation.


Test report sample :

Grasshopper for Rhino3D (David Rutten)

Kangaroo 2 grasshopper plugin (Daniel Piker)

K2Engineering grasshopper plugin (Cecilie Brandt)

Human grasshopper plugin (Andrew Heumann)

Tracker Video analysis and modeling tool (Douglas Brown)

Poptraume -Traume​-​fon by rubber-records(gr)

Poptraume - 4m2m bios records#002

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