algorithmic modeling for Rhino

More footage using Leap Motion to fly around Chicago. I overhauled the script and cleaned it up immensely. Apologies for the video being a little jumpy. I'm happy to report that even with a fair bit of geometry in the scene, everything still runs fairly seamlessly (I built my computer with top-of-the-line specs -- back in 2010 -- so any computer with competent hardware should run this just fine).

In addition to improved flying controls, I implemented a script that lets the user select geometry on the screen just by pointing (1:16). The geometry gets highlighted via Grasshopper first, and then after a certain amount of time it gets selected in the Rhino window (with a little help from a custom script by Andrew Heumann). The camera then resizes to fit the selected geometry.

Haven't quite decided where I want to take this, but now that it's cleaned up it should be easy to implement other gestural controls. Think I might just play around with other Leap apps to see which set of controls I like best...Suggestions are welcome. =)

Again, couldn't have done it without Andy Payne's Firefly components and Jacek Markusiewicz's Horster Camera Control.

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Comment by Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari on December 23, 2013 at 7:34am

Very nice!

Comment by lmnts on December 20, 2013 at 11:25am

Great stuff Scott.  





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