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Rhino Grasshopper Ekko Pavilion from Scratch in Grasshopper

We will be creating Ekko Pavilion from scratch in Grasshopper and explaining the process and logic behind this grasshopper definition. The concept behind this definition is the following. We will be creating a circle that will be divided by 200 vertical planes. Each one of these planes will contain a rectangle and by rotating these planes, we will be able to reproduce the geometry of this wooden pavilion. At some point, we will trim the bottom part of the rectangles which will represent the ground and then create surfaces from these lines which will then be extruded in normal directions for each individual plane.

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Comment by Clément Boissier on November 26, 2019 at 4:05am

Clément Boissier, 21, France

Hello and thanx for your video !

I have a problem at this point :

I'm trying to have no squares but an other shape :

To realize a very close structure with the same circle and segmentation
without the squares but with the shape above.

This form is repeated once in two as on your video,
but can be deformed in its curves

We may need to have 2 referen curves one at 0° and an other at 180°
to create the modulation ?

I dont know how to link curves to this program ... I am just able to create this structure by line
(in parallel) with that code :


Did you have any ideas ? Thank you in advance for your reply !
Have a nice day!






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