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Paneling Surfaces Webinar | Part03: Introduction to Surface Geometry Cont'd

Paneling Surfaces in Grasshopper | 2012 October 19

Surfaces are the main type of geometry used for creating smooth, rational shapes within the Rhino3D modeling environment. Beginning with a presentation on the main principles of working with NURBS surfaces, this webinar will incrementally unpack a diverse set of surface-related techniques through a series of “live” exercises with Grasshopper. With two instructors offering guided curriculum and continuous support it is our goal to provide you with an in-depth and personal learning experience. Additional topics covered will include: how to move through “surface space”, creating and analyzing simple surface panels, and how to create custom panels on a surface.

What is a Surface? How do I make one and what are its parts?
Wait!.. A Surface has its own Space? How can I navigate this Space?
How can I divide my Surface into Panels? Can I ensure they are flat -or- How do I keep them curvy?
I just tested all of my Panels for planarity but what do those numbers mean? How can I more intuitively visualize the results?
Now I have simple Panels, but can I create my own custom Panel Object at each original Panel location?

Level: Some experience suggested. Beginners can review our Introduction to Grasshopper Webinar here:
Suitable For: All Creative Professionals: Artists, Architects, Designers, Engineers, Programmers, Students.
Software: Rhino 4SR9 or Rhino5Beta + Grasshopper 0.9.
Instructors: Ronnie Parsons + Gil Akos | Partners, Studio Mode
Pricing: $99/$59 : Professional/Student Rate. Register now to Access the Full Webinar Content and Videos:

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