algorithmic modeling for Rhino

How this video has anything to do with Grasshopper3D?

During a WeAreDevelopers conference in Vienna, where we presented Cybershoes - device for walking in Virtual Reality, I was asked 20+ times the same question :" how two arhitects (second one is Michael) ended up in product development?

In my case, I think that all started exactly 7-8 years here on GH forum. Before GH, I was approaching architecture (my life) with the pen and paper, trying to convert my soul into the creativity, to transform emotions into the forms and to write it down with the lines. I had a great time also, but then whole parametric design hype came to the scene ;)

I started with GH and since then I never managed to master GH as some of the great members of this community. It was mainly "rewrite existing " way of coding, but with time I learned how to think as computational designer. How to write algorithms and how to think in processes.
Somehow I developed the capability to get without fear into the ring with complex problems (Bukowski helped also with his famous "don't try").

Also I learned the basic principles of visual programming, what was the first trigger to start doing blueprints in Unreal Engine. For architect is connecting nodes trough wiring more intriguing then C++

Trough GH I learned Rhino3D and we are using it in the office for designing and CNC-production of Cybershoes.

Still there is another side of bringing a product to customer as business model, B2B or C2C?, market validation, project managment, pitching and so on....lot of uknown you need for that school of economic or law? Is it the point where architect surrender his pen?

Let's see, but honestly, if you have managed to finish architectural school and to write down a decent peace of code, then you can learn amazingly fast how to pitch ;)

So, I am really proud to present and share with GH community the first really good product for walking in Virtual Reality.
Made by 3D.RUN

"Cybershoes make it possible to run in virtual reality. It's an infinite walking experience. Cybershoes offer the user the ability to walk free and endless in...

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