algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Human being form idea about their reality. We perceive it not through our body but our mind, therefore we must agree on what is real. Because of this, we are probably the only species on earth that goes insane. But what if the object goes insane?
In object-oriented ontology, all relations, including those between nonhumans, distort their corresponding objects in the same basic way as human consciousness. Rogue objects are the ones not chained to any given assemblage of objects, but instead wander in and out of assemblages, modifying relations within the assemblages into which they enter. This project explores the insanity of the platonic shape with minimal surfaces.

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Comment by emmasmith Smith on August 28, 2019 at 10:20am

Thank you so much for this. I was into this issue and tired to tinker around to check if its possible but couldnt get it done. Now that i have seen the way you did it, thanks guys




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