algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Connecting VVVV -> GH about Synesthesia (color -> surface)

This time, after removing 2500 pseudopixels by scanning a videoloop in VVVV, sending the HSV color information to Grasshopper. This information has two objectives in GH:

1 -> Play at level 0 viewing the videoloop through Points (pseudopixels)

2 -> Generate a Z dimension for those pseudopixels and create a Surface composed of those points.

In short, how to create a surface GH, through a videoloop HUE reproduced in VVVV.

This example works with approximately one second delay between reading VVVV, sending data to GH and creation of the surface.

This test is an extension of the example set by gHowl' team to work with the RGB components of a webcam, using the OSC communication between Processing -> Grasshopper.

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